Straight Outta Clarkston now in Clarkston!

Jesse Moyet founded the Detroit Apparel Factory and its most recent clothing line, “Straight Outta Clarkston.” He is pictured sporting the T-shirt with his wife, Sherri. Photo from Facebook

Local business Detroit Apparel Factory has released its “Straight Outta Clarkston” clothing line exclusively at Clarkston retailer Bonnie & Clyde. This is the first time that Detroit Apparel Factory has sold its merchandise at a physical location in several years. Shari Schulz owner of Bonnie & Clyde, said, “We are thrilled to be carrying Detroit Apparel Factory’s ‘Straight Outta Clarkston’ line in our boutique. It’s been on our shelves for less than a week and becoming a new favorite. We pride ourselves in carrying several Michigan made products and artists in our store. People from Clarkston and Michigan have a lot of pride in where they live and love to show it.”

Thanks in part to Clarkston High School’s football team winning its first state championship, demand for Clarkston apparel is at an all time high.

Detroit Apparel Factory owner Jesse Moyet said, “Along with our website and live booth events, fans have been snapping up these shirts. We’ve been asked to supply merchandise directly to students and staff in the Clarkston school system and often have trouble keeping it in stock for our website. The kids love it because it allows them to show pride in where they are from, and their parents are usually familiar with the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ reference from the 90s.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen the shirts on people all over the place like concerts at Pine Knob, vacationers on cruise ships, up north and just around town. It’s all about pride in our hometown whether it’s Clarkston, Detroit or wherever you’re from. People like to represent.”

Detroit Apparel Factory is based in Clarkston and was founded in 2010 when Moyet saw an opportunity to allow others to show pride in their community, with an edgy nod to pop culture with a retro flair.

Visit to see all their designs and products. Bonnie & Clyde is located at 7150 N. Main St. in Clarkston.

Thanks to Monica Drake at The Oakland Press for the coverage.